Theraputic Massage

Ayurvedic massage is an integral part of a healthy lifestyle. The massage technique is aimed at stimulating the lymphatic system to produce lymphocytes and improve immunity. It also helps in detoxification of the body. Ayurvedic massage relieves general body fatigue and pain, maintains young looking skin and improves longevity.

Panchakarma – INR. 10000/-

Duration - 10Days

Known as the cornerstone of the Ayurveda treatment system, Panchkarma essentially stabilizes the intrinsic balance of Tridoshas (Kapha, Vata, Pitta) in one's body. It helps to cleanse the body and flush out the toxins and impurities. Panchkarma significantly improves the metabolism and helps in controlling/curing chronic diseases. It is highly recommended during season change as an excellent way of maintaining health and keeping sickness and diseases at bay. Panchakarma also prepares the body to better receive other treatments and respond quickly to ayurvedic remedies and medication.

Abhyanga INR. 1500/-

Duration - 45 minutes

A traditional full body massage given by one or two experienced Ayurveda therapists using herbal oil as per your constitution. Abhyanga improves physical consistency, sleep patterns and eye sight. It helps to liquefy toxins and induces relaxation, whilst eliminating impurities. Often referred to as an anti ageing therapy.

Marma Therapy – INR. 1800/-

Duration - 45 minutes

According to Ayurveda, there are 108 marma (vital energy points) in the human body. This is a traditional ayurvedic massage using herb infused ayurvedic oils, performed by the therapist using their hands and feet, applying appropriate pressure to specific vital points/parts of the body. Marma not only relieves pain, stiffness and sports injuries but also stimulates various body organs and systems. It also clears toxins on all levels, improves digestion and absorption, improves function of the organs, makes skin healthier, balances body temperature and can balance the “doshas”, increases immunity, releases neurochemicals such as serotonin, melatonin for improved cognitive function and induces deeper sleep.

Patra Pinda Swedana – INR. 3000/-

Duration - 90 minutes

Patra means leaves, Pinda means bolus, Sweda is sweat, Swedana is sweat inducing treatment. It is a treatment in which leaves of medicinal plants having analgesic, anti-degenerative and anti-inflammatory properties are used for fomentation (sweat inducing) of painful parts. In this treatment, the leaves of medicinal plants having analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties are heated or fried in herbal oils to tolerable temperature and tied in a bolus. The bolus is heated in a pan or dipped in herbal oils being heated at a low constant temperature in pans. The heated bolus is continuously rubbed over the pain afflicted areas. This is specialized pain relief treatment.

Shastika Shali Pinda Swedana – INR. 3500/-

Duration - 90 minutes

The term Shashtika Shali Pinda Swedana is made up of 4 words – Shashtika means sixty, Shali means rice, Pinda means bolus, Swedana is sweat. It is a treatment in which a special type of rice called Shashtika Shali (which is harvested in 60 days and is exclusively used for treatment purposes in Ayurveda) prepared in milk processed with herbal decoction is tied in boluses and used for rubbing on the body parts which are intended to receive nutrition and strength. The treatment is also used in painful and or degenerative conditions like Osteoarthritis, Myalgia, GB Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, various types of Neuro-muscular and Musculoskeletal diseases. It is basically a strengthening and nutritious treatment. It also has an extraordinary relaxing and analgesic effect.

Takradhara – INR. 1000 /-

Duration - 55 minutes

Takradhara is a traditional Ayurvedic procedure wherein a stream of buttermilk is poured on to the targeted body part. A calming experience to bring relief to those who suffer from insomnia, depression, hair, scalp psychological and stress related conditions.

Udwarthana – INR. 1600 /-

Duration - 45 minutes

A deep, dry massage using herbal powders which stimulate the hair follicles assisting to break down the body’s excess subcutaneous fat. This massage aims to address obesity and mobilizes toxins. Beneficial for firming and toning of skin.

Shirodhara – INR. 2000 /-

Duration - 45 minutes

Luke warm herbal oil is poured in an even stream on to the forehead to pacify and revitalize the mind and the body. As well as its intense rejuvenating and anti-aging effects, Shirodhara improves memory, addresses other neurological disorders, and normalizes sleep patterns and blood pressure.

Kundalini Back Massage

Duration - 30 minutes

Kundalini – a female goddess of awareness in the form of a coiled snake – is the dormant energy in the base of the spine, which, when awakened, travels up the spine to the third eye leading to increased energy and spiritual enlightenment. This treatment is deeply soothing, relaxing and balancing to the whole nervous system thanks to synergistic use of an essential oil blend used in combination with ancient techniques of massage and chakra healing.

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